Mahindra Alfa Loader Mini Truck



Large & strong cargo box for more load carrying capacity
Comfortable cabin ensuring excellent cross-ventilation and effortless entry & exit
Clear lens headlamps
4-point wheel mounting on all wheels
Taller side panels
Heavy duty steering column
Extra snorkel height


Engine  Type: Single Cylinder, Direct Injection

Engine capacity CC: 436 cc

Max engine output: 5.52 kW @ 3600 rpm

Max engine Torque: 18 Nm @ 2000 - 2400 rpm

Starting: Electricals

Cooling: Air cooled

Suspension Type: Swing Arm

Front: Coil Spring

Rear: Rubber spring

Shock absorbers: Telescopic Hydraulic

Chassis: Monocoque Chassis with Cabin and Doors

Transmission: Constant Mesh, 4 forward 1 reverse

Brakes Front & Rear: Drum brakes with leading and trailing shoes

Weight GVW: 995

Kerb weight: 470

Tyres: 4.5 x 10" , 8 PR

Dimensions: Overall Length (mm)       3015

Overall Weight (mm): 1460

Overall Height (mm): 1700

Cargo Bed dimensions(mm): 1590*1460*320

Wheelbase (mm): 2005

Turning Circle Radius ( in mm): 3500

Electricals: System Voltage 12 V

Battery: 12 V, 50 Ah

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